Very special vehicles will be proposed. 23 racing cars at auction, from the 1950s to the present day, with vehicles from the track, to the uphill, to the rally. The real star will be the Scuderia Ferrari motorhome in Formula 1, used by Alesi, Berger, Schumacher, Irvine and Barrichello and by the team managers of the time.

Finarte is pleased to present a thematic auction dedicated to racing and sports cars. The interest in these cars and their research on the part of collectors, thanks to the numerous events, is growing strongly. Finarte, in collaboration with Vision Up srl, therefore decided to create an auction dedicated to competitions, offering the opportunity to purchase the car to race in the main historic car races or to complete their collections with truly unique pieces.

The auction will take place on the occasion of Historic Minardi Day (28-29 August 2021), an event wanted and created by the former patron of the Italian F1 team Giancarlo Minardi. A unique event in Italy full of events, able to offer an exclusive panorama of its kind, with racing cars of all kinds as protagonists, from Formula 1 to prototypes, from Rally cars to sports cars. The Enzo and Dino Ferrari racetrack in Imola is the setting.

Offers can be made by registering on the Finarte website, by telephone, with written offers or through one of our partner platforms.

Starting at 7pm CEST (5pm GMT) on Saturday 28 August, the different lots will be presented and awarded to the highest bidder in the Finarte area on Minardi Day.

The Department is available to send condition reports or further information material for each lot. Interested parties can now submit written bids and register for the auction.